GEM – Goes the Extra Mile

Every Quarter, one nurse from each office is recognized for being extraordinary.  These nurses show exemplary qualities and professionalism.

Saddle Brook: Gabriela Garcia Penafiel, LPN:  Gabriela has been with Star for four years.  During that time, she formed a long-lasting relationship with her current client.  Gabriela is a steadfast anchor in her client’s care, never calling out and rarely requesting days off.  She, like many others, continued to work through the pandemic to ensure her client’s needs were met.  Gabriela is a strong advocate for her client, ensuring she has all the equipment, supplies and appointments she needs.  Because of Gabriela’s dedication and partnership with the client’s family, her client has thrived and has been able to remain home and out of the hospital.  

Mount Laurel: Elsa Petros, LPN: Elsa has been an employee at Star Pediatrics since 2012. She is also our poster nurse as many of you may have seen her face on the Star Pediatric Brochures.  Elsa has worked with many of our most fragile children. Her loyalty, love of her patients, reliability and responsibility are just some of the things we love about Elsa. Her kind heart and compassion are beyond expectations. Elsa is loved by her patients and their families. Elsa’s       patients have truly benefited from the care and love that she provides to them every day.  Star Pediatrics is honored to have Elsa as a dedicated nurse. Thank you, Elsa for the dedicated, excellent nursing care that you provide to our patients.

Lakewood: Colleen Cook, LPN: Colleen has been with Star since January 2016. She is dedicated, passionate and overall a great nurse! Colleen is always willing to orient nurses to clients. Her love and compassion show in her work. All her clients love her and so does Star. We all appreciate her and her hard work. Congratulations Colleen Cook on being our GEM!