GEM – Goes the Extra Mile

Every Quarter, one nurse from each office is recognized for being extraordinary.  These nurses show exemplary qualities and professionalism.  

Lakewood: Ira Wardyanto, LPN: Congratulations to Star Lakewood Nurse Ira Wardyanto, LPN our Gem of the Quarter. Ira came to Star as a brand new nurse in 2016. She went from novice to expert nurse in no time! She is a dedicated overnight nurse and is eager to work fill-in shifts when needed. Ira always has a smile on her face and a laugh that can brighten our day. Thank you Ira for all you do for your clients and our staff!

Teaneck: Bonaventure Defo, RN: Bonaventure has been a Star nurse for a little over 2 years. His dedication to nursing, reliability, flexibility and work ethic was apparent from the   beginning. Having solid nursing skills and nurturing nature, Bonaventure has a positive impact on the clients he services. His big smile and friendly nature make him a welcome presence where ever he goes. You’re a Star that shines bright. Congratulations on your award!

Mount Laurel: Sheena White, RN: Sheena has worked with Star Pediatrics since November of 2016 as an LPN while attending Cumberland County Community College’s Nursing Program. Sheena graduated in June with her RN Degree. Congratulations Sheena!!! Sheena has a wonderful, caring, bubbly personality and kind spirit. She works with some of our most medically complex patients and is always willing to help out with openings. Sheena goes out of her way to pick urgently needed shifts with an infectious smile.