GEM – Goes the Extra Mile

Every Quarter, one nurse from each office is recognized for being extraordinary.  These nurses show exemplary qualities and professionalism.  

Lemia Doss lpn 2Mount Laurel: Lamia Doss, LPN: Lamia has been with Star since September 2016. She has been working the same two primary patients for over a year and has oriented for many other patients to fill in when needed. The families that Lamia works with love her and she is always willing to help out in a pinch. She flexes to multiple shifts as needed and is a pleasure with whom to work. 

Irving Lucus, RN

Lakewood: Irving Lucas, RN: Congratulations for receiving the Star Lakewood GEM award! Irving has worked here since 2014. He is a dedicated nurse who has a great rapport with his older adult-pediatric clients. He is detail oriented, organized and neat as a pin!  Thank you Irving for all you do for your clients and Star Lakewood.

Nadia Dellil Teaneck

Teaneck: Nadia Dellil, LPN: Nadia will be celebrating 3 years this month as a stellar Star nurse. Nadia’s dedication to her clients and her professionalism dealing with the office is top notch. She is always flexible, dependable and on time. She is able to handle delicate and challenging situations with empathy and understanding. A true testament to the nursing profession, congratulations Nadia, you are a true Star GEM!