GEM – Goes the Extra Mile

Every Quarter, one nurse from each office is recognized for being extraordinary.  These nurses show exemplary qualities and professionalism.  

Ramah Alexander, LPN Teaneck

Teaneck: Ramah Alexander, LPN. Ramah began working with Star over 2 years ago. With a spirited personality and caring touch, Ramah always makes a positive impact on her clients. She is always willing to pick up a shift when scheduling is in a tough spot regardless of distance and shift. Thank you, Ramah, for your dedication and congratulations on your award.

 Mt. Laurel Mariette Sztenderowicz compress

Mount Laurel: Mariette Sztenderowicz, LPN. Mariette has been a Star nurse for almost a year and a half. She has excellent attendance and always submits documentation in a timely manner. She has a pleasant and calming demeanor which her patients find reassuring. She is always reliable and willing to pick up assignments regardless of shift, to help out. Congratulations Mariette on your award!

 Lakewood Lisa Higby, LPN

Lakewood: Lisa Higbee, LPN.  Lisa has been a Star nurse for two and a half years! She is an experienced Trach and Vent nurse with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Her clinical skills and critical thinking combined with her compassion make her a stellar nurse. Her clients and families love her and so does Star! Congrats! Good Job Lisa!