GEM – Goes the Extra Mile

Every Quarter, one nurse from each office is recognized for being extraordinary.  These nurses show exemplary qualities and professionalism.  

Anna_Skubisz LPN TN 2Q2017 GEM

Teaneck: Anna Skubisz, LPN. Anna is always reliable, picks up extra cases, never says no, never calls out and is caring and professional. She has worked for Star since 2014 and has been making a positive impact on all those she cares for since that time. Thank you Anna for doing all the extras that make you shine. Congratulations on your AWARD!

Liegh Schwing RN ML 2Q2017 GEM 2

Mount Laurel: Leigh Schwing, RN. Leigh is most notable for her outgoing personality and always having a smile on her face. Leigh has been a nurse with Star for a little over a year.  She works hard on every case she’s assigned and makes sure the patient’s needs are met by advocating for her patients to make sure they get what is best for them.  Thank you Leigh for your hard work and dedication! Congratulations on your AWARD!

Helen Fordyce RN Lakewood 2Q2017 GEM 2

Lakewood: Helen Fordyce, RN. Helen is a highly skilled pediatric home care nurse who shines in every home she works in. Helen has been with Star since 2014 and her gentleness and compassion has made her a super Star nurse since her first day. Thank you Helen for going above and beyond! Congratulations on your AWARD!

 Congratulations Anna, Leigh and Helen on your award!

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